3 Skills You Need for Good Life

When people or situations show you through actions and events that they are not of high value; believe them. And don't be one of those fools who recognize low value but think it can be transformed into high value. It can't! Some people have a helping syndrome that manifests in a way that they are always trying to fix other people. Unfortunately, the brutal truth is that change, all change, happens only through self-realization and self-motivation. We cannot change people if the change doesn't spark within them, if they don't push themselves to change.

Cosy vs Scary Halloween TV recommendations

Halloween (Samhain) is when the veil between worlds thins, and the undead things enter our world with ease. Not only is it an ancient festival that demands wearing a costume, but it's a great time to catch up on movies and tv series. If you are not the partying type and prefer staying at home, then I have great news for you. Whether you wish to have a cosy Halloween wrapped in a blanket with hot cocoa or be so scared you are forced to sleep with the light on, I've got your poison.

5 Essential Dark Academia Books to Read

One of the greatest joys of Dark Academia, besides constant learning, is reading books. While there is nothing wrong with audiobooks and they can be pretty convenient, nothing beats reading a physical book. There is a sort of magic in holding a book in your hands, feeling the texture of the cover or the sound of the page-turning.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Aristotle once said that knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom, but it is also the foundation for a good life. And a good life is as close to complete happiness as any of us will ever get. As we move through life we will face many obstacles, and experience sorrow and loss, but we will also find solace in fleeting moments of happiness. And that's exactly what happiness is; a fleeting moment.

13 ways to Fill Your Life with Kindness

I think anyone would find it hard to argue that in today's world we could do with a bit more kindness. Social media culture has fortunately given everyone a voice that can be heard but also allowed a lot of frustrated people to spread negativity and insults while hiding behind the invisible mask of anonymity.