Welcome to a literature blog for writers and storytellers. Maxima’s Corner helps writers of all levels by encouraging a broader approach to the craft.

Whether you are writing a book, a screenplay, or a game or enjoy story crafting as a hobby, you will find value in the different methods and tips shared in this blog.

“Maxima’s Corner will help you find real solutions to writing problems and make story crafting so easy that you will fall in love with it.”

English literature majors know that the classical approach to story crafting is solid and offers a great foundation. Still, it also often has a relatively rigid view of writing. Then again, those who have no formal literary studies under their belts might find it hard to visualize a solid structure.

Whatever you are currently writing or wish to write, be it a short story, novel, screenplay, game or poem, the challenges are universally the same; How to create believable characters your readers will obsess over? How to create an unforgettable plot? How to find conflict in the story and keep the reader turning pages?

That famous one-liner that goes write what you know is not untrue, but as writing advice, it leaves you wanting. There is so much more to crafting a story than writing about something familiar to you. Coming up with an idea for a story is often easy, but for most writers uncovering a story is hard.

Uncovering a plot from an idea or creating a world of believable characters from a few cool scenes you have in mind is a long way from creating a cohesive story. The good news is that the journey to the goal is filled with self-discovery and growth. Aside from the occasional writer’s block, a well-known disease all writers suffer from at some point, writing should be fun. Maxima’s Corner will help you find real solutions to writing problems and make story crafting so easy that you will fall in love with it.

A loving note from Maxima:

I’m passionate about shining a light on the mental health side of being a writer. It is often lonely work (unless your daily job is in a writer’s room for some big production) and full of rejection. Being a storyteller is an amazing privilege, but we don’t talk enough about how hard it is on one’s mental health regarding self-esteem and isolation. Great writers dig deep within themselves for source material and genuine expression, which means dealing with many demons, and sometimes feelings of worthlessness. I am not a healthcare professional; I’m a writer just like you, but I do want to extend my heartfelt support to you through philosophical blog posts that I occasionally scatter on my page.